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Vitality Classes

Next Class Wednesday, April 3rd 6PM - 8PM

How human potential, energy, and health, are a direct result of proper voltage, not protein orĀ pharmaceutical drugs

  • How buying organic is only a fraction of a much larger story
  • What protein actually is and why most people need less, not more
  • How to drastically slow the aging process and immediately increase energy levels
  • How ailments and pain are a result of a nutritional deficiency or malabsorption problem


Presented by Kyle Jessop & Callie Ann

(You can arrive as early as you like and we will begin class at approximately 6PM)


$45 For Individuals
For families/groups - $45 for the first person and $25 for each additional

Please choose How many people are attending

Please contact for any questions. After payment, the browser will prompt you to fill out the names of each person attending.


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