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Plant Kingdom Vegan Resort

Fully Vegan Hotel - Plant Kingdom
wonder is wisdom


The Wholisitc Armamentarium

A Wholistic, Naturally first principled entity, that is, and will be further regarded as one of the leading progenitors of our time on matters concerning vitalistic teachings.  We are deeply interwoven within this massive movement regarding furthering the development of human consciousness, the sine qua non of purposes, that which a vast majority of the human family are now experiencing.

Although Plant Kingdom has utilized many labels, or operational names in the past, our presiding unrelenting objective has forever remained the same, which is the continual expansion of our own awareness, pertaining particularly to that of human vitality and the more true origin of our species. 

Greatness is only achieved through the recognition of greatness, meaning, in order for one to truly be hailed or regarded as genius, we must first ourselves realize this trait in others, and then take the necessarily arduous actions to emulate such brilliant essences.

Some of our lives have been entirely devoted to intently examining the most exalted, as well as the most baneful, minds and personalities of antiquity to realize and bring forth such Grand Ancestral Knowledge.

The Human Family, myself of course included, owe an incalculable amount of gratitude and admiration to our Ancestral Luminaries which have left behind such vivifying wisdom for us to discover, so much so, that it is certainly almost impossible to conceive simply just how tremendously powerful and vast in it's scope this intelligence is, unless and until it begins to be self realized. 

We endeavor here to remain forever grateful to those many benevolent and prescient souls that have come before us and for this, we salute you, everyone, and might all that is good continue to bless and keep you close.

The Wholistic Armamentarium

Once the necessary expansion of Callie’s is underway and the restaurant is operating seamlessly, Plant Kingdom will move to further solidify our other purposes of significant importance.

Opportunities are now in line and we will be selecting a location for our Vegan Resort Hotel and Vitalism conference center.  The wise Egyptians termed their places similar as Perneter’s, or, Houses of Energy.

The two locations depicted are available to us, one being in Panama and the other outside Tulum, Mexico, where there are now numerous mental giants teaching Syncretism and calling this beautiful place home.

The Panamanian property is a magnificent estate and  possess a completely operational full service restaurant located directly on the beach. Here we will not only offer the healthiest food on the planet but also assemble a legion of contemporaries, some of the greatest scholars and personalities alive today to present their exactly vivifying knowledge consecrated in the most Grand of all subjects, Health and Spirituality.

We are pleased looking ahead to the next stage of our vision continuing to manifest itself  further as a world renowned base for vitality and relaxation as we strive through humility to remain  forever grateful to Source for the continual  blessings enabling this most necessary and certain purpose.