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Salts 2001 35th Street


A marvelously unique stand alone building which was once the original grocer for the Great Island of Galveston, Texas in the 1940’s.

It is our unwavering intention which is slightly depicted in the rendering, to restore this property to her once former self yet far more exquisite. 

Once completed, this pristine piece of Historical Real Estate will offer to the well established community of some 500 homes blanketing each side of 35th street, and to the whole of the island itself, not only a meticulously refined and peaceful eatery to gather while obtaining essential grocery items, but will also provide an unparalleled space of invaluable wisdom regarding wholistic living and vitality. 

Venture capitalists, investment partner, or other prescient resourceful entities are most welcome to contact for more detailed information referring to this most necessary, and truly delightful in every regard project. 

Arete’ Everyone!

~Jessop Trust

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