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High PH Alkaline Cleanse



Our liquid cleanse and High PH body reset is 24 to 72 hours of Electron rich, alkaline life force energy, which aids in restoring or maintaining your bodies natural PH, gently eliminating stored acid waste. Created with particular alkalizing and electrically charged fruits and vegetables, essential oils, real cellular salts and sprouted seeds, providing immediate oxygenation of the blood and a more healing and alkaline internal environment. 

Electrical energy is what our body runs on and alkaline foods are full of electrons and electrical energy, this is what causes them to be alkaline. Just as alkaline batteries are full of energy, because they are full of electrons, when the batteries have been used they then become void of energy and become acidic. 

One of the most important bio chemical balances of our beautiful and intelligently designed bodies is the balancing of the PH of our bloodstream and managing the fluids of the body. Just as the ocean maintains a proper PH for all aquatic life, our bodies must maintain a slightly alkaline PH of approximately 7.365 to maintain human life.

An acidic body PH and Over acidification in general is the cause for nearly all, if not 100% of all illness and dis-ease as well as other symptoms such as loss of energy, congestion, inflammation, arthritis, sinus problems, diabetes, colds and flu, headaches, dysfunctional eyesight & memory, pre-mature aging etc.. *The body will also begin to exude excess acids from the skin; such as eczema… caused by acidifying water, foods, and also environmental pollutants, such as electromagnetic frequencies, unclean air, pharmaceuticals and toxic negative thoughts, which secrete acids. The body will also deposit excess acidic waste in various organs and store in the fatty tissues of the body -Thighs, hips, breast, brain and belly.

Listed below are a few helpful beginning guides to maintaining an alkaline living internal environment.


Alkaline liquid cleanse and Body Reset Cleanse will come with before and after instructions and a guide to alkaline maintenance

Alkaline Complete Day Liquid Cleanse *All Organically grown Ingredients*

(3) Oxygen Greens Juice (16 oz.) - Green Apple, Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Ginger, Dandelion, Chlorella, Chlorphyll, Chanca Piedra, Lemon

(2) Activated Charcoal (16oz.) - Activated Ethical Black Charcoal, Organic Volcanic Lemon, Organic Frontier Co-Op Ceylon Cinnamon, Raw Organic Stevia, Vanilla, Distilled Water

(2) Chlorophyll Detox (16 oz.) - Chlorophyll from Alfalfa Plant, Lemon, Distilled Water, Frontier Co-op Pressed Mint, Global Healing Center Nascent Iodine 

(1) Sun Warrior Date Smoothie (16 oz.) - Organic Almond Milk, Sun Warrior goji berry protein, Dates, Almonds, Hempseeds, Real Salt, Vanilla, chia seeds

1 Liter Mountain Valley Spring Water


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High PH Alkaline 24 Hour Body Reset - All organic ingredients / as much local as available *1-3 day options

2 Servings UDO’S DHA oil (very high quality particularly sourced, extremely healing and alkaline cold-pressed oils, a combination of omega 3*6*9 

Chlorophyll Detox (16 oz.) - Chlorophyll from Alfalfa Plant, Lemon, Distilled Water, Frontier Co-op Pressed Mint, Global Healing Center Nascent Iodine, High BTU organic cayenne pepper

1 Oxygen Greens Juice (16 oz.) - Green Apple, Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Ginger, Dandelion, Chlorella, Chlorphyll, Chanca Piedra, Lemon

High PH alkaline lunch - Collard greens, radish, avocado, hempseed, almonds, spinach, garlic infused olive oil and lemon dressing, dandelion, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber 

High PH alkaline Dinner - Local greens, kale, sesame seeds, avocado, Brazil nuts, lemon, heirloom quinoa & lentils, chives, sorrel, celery, Hempseed dressing, Atlantic Seaweed

Energy Maintenance  - organic glyphosate free certified dates, organic Brazil nuts, grapefruit, almonds

1 packet Redmonds’s Real salt with 84 essential trace minerals

1 Liter Mountain Valley Spring Water

*All items included with the exception of 1 to 2 organic avocados per day for your cleanse

Regular Adult - $120 | High Energy Very Active Adult /  $135

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Remembering, it is about balance, If we were 100% alkaline we would not be able to sustain life nor 100% Acidic. However, we already live in an over acidifying environment with air pollutants, wifi and electromagnetic frequencies (just as harmful if not more harmful than acidic foods), devices, conveniences, fast pace living etc.. even the human processes of thinking and digesting foods create some form of acid, depending on the thoughts and types of food. It is important to compensate for these things with alkalinity. We are all in our own unique and individual stage of health and healing and many will naturally consume healthy foods such as organic grains and seasonal organic fruits with a slightly acidic PH, however the more electron rich alkaline living foods, low stress lifestyle, physical movement, exercise and nature that we can ingest and surround ourselves with, the healthier we will be.

+ Alkaline | - Acidic

Sorrel +11.5

Celery +13.3

Garlic +13.2

Avocado +15.6

Red Radish +16.7

Cayenne Pepper +18.8

Avocado +15.6

Dandelion +22.7

Sprouted Chia Seeds +28.7

Alfalfa grass +29.3

Cucumber +31.5

Lentils +.6

Sesame Seeds +.5

Almonds +3.6

Hempseeds +7.6

Tomato +13.6

Chives +8.3

Onion +3

Lemon +9.9

Lime +8.2

Lettuce +4

Spinach +13.1

Flaxseed Oil +3.5

Hemp Oil +4.7

Olive Oil +1

Pomegranate Oil +3.1

borage oil +3.2

Fresh coconut +.5

Sprouted Grains are much more alkaline than not sprouted

Fresh Coconut Water +9

Sour Cherry +3.5

Watermelon -1

Grapefruit -1.7

Date -4.7

White Refined Sugar -17.6

Turbinado Sugar -9.5

Artificial Sweeteners - 26.5

Oysters -5

Hard Cheese -18.1

Cream -3.9

Ghee -1.6

Milk Sugar -9.4

White Rice -18.5

Brown Rice -12.5

Wheat -10.1 

Vinegar -39.4

White Bread -10

Ocean Life -20

Peanuts -12.8

Soy Sauce -36.2

Animal flesh between -20 and -38

Mayo -12.5

Ketchup -12.4

Liquor -28.6 to 38.7

Pasteurized fruit juice with processed sugar -33.4

Black Tea -27.1

Beer -26.8 (Most beer, especially from the USA made with highly toxic & fluoridated tap water)

Coffee -25.1 (Also made mostly with fluoridated tap water, Non-Organic coffee beans very heavily sprayed with glyphosate)

Wine -16.4


Chlorophyll, is complete pure oxygen, which we are all made of and also very depleted of. When we eat organic green plants and fruits we are fueling ourselves with the sun's powerful life force energy. Chlorophyll is what gives plants and vegetables their green color and is very similar to the structure of human blood, which is why it is able to assist in delivering fresh oxygen throughout the body. During World War 1, when the troops ran out of blood plasma on the battlefield, doctors substituted with transfusions of chlorophyll.

The more oxygen and water we have in our cells, the more energy we have, the better we feel and the longer we live. When we become acidic is when we become ill.


Simply put, activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge, when it comes in contact with positively charged toxins in our bodies, such as pesticides and heavy metals, they bind together and are removed from the body through a properly working lymphatic system.

Just like with all of mother natures miracles like apple cider vinegar and real salt, Activated Charcoal has been used for many millennia, 1500 BC Egyptians were known to use activated charcoal on wound infections and in the 1800’s activated charcoal was and still is used for poison, drug and alcohol overdose.