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Franchise Development

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Franchise 2 a:  A special privilege granted to an individual group; c (1)  The right or license granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services in a particular territory.

There is of course a caveat within the above somewhat newer definition of the term franchise from 1974, which is, what the defined meaning fails to imply is that when marketing, or operating these services, they must be done so as the original source intended, and to never become diluted in any area when representing the progenitors outline.

So with this in mind, here we utilize the term franchise in a very general sense, for familiarity, due to the negative connotation associated commonly with the word for obvious reasons.  What we are in truth here describing, is the ability to scale without limit on mass, our translucent vision for the universal growth we relentlessly endeavor for.

Our skills and principled diligence are not something that has to ever be sold.  We do not have to market, or coerce anyone or to anything, and therein lays the glory of our mission.  Readily providing the most fortifying of goods and harmonious spaces of service available to be purchased, not only creates happy people, but also healthy ones.

The most beautiful part of all of this, is that this is the most massive benevolent movement towards peace throughout our antiquity, and if one would like to equate this to fiat currency, or market share, it is estimated by numerous mainstream sources to be over 162 Billion Dollars a year, in the next 4 years, and this is simply the food portion, not mentioning the clothing as we move back to hemp, virtuous supplements, or even personal and institutional products made from Vegan non plasticized materials.

To suggest an example as to another market which may even slightly compare, is the one of oil and gas, and is not this interesting that they both equate to energy.  We, and many others, are at the forefront of this directed energy, and this awakening cannot ever be stopped, and soon will it completely envelope our entire planetary atmosphere.

Because as Albert Einstein reminded us, "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival on earth as the Evolution back to a vegetarian diet."

One of our primary objectives is to continue to create numerous landmarks which necessarily align and adhere precisely to our purpose in every aspect and regard.  From the spoken word when communicating with others, to the exactness of ingredients, and that of our basic principles will never be compromised.

A non modified, non laboratory created plant based universal dietary and a simplistic underpinning of all operations is the  overarching aim, whether it be represented through drive through establishments, grocery stores, hotels, gymnasiums, or restaurants etc.

Plant Kingdom Foods is considering unifying ourselves with other well established companies to assist in expanding our footprint in the most gratifying and largest industries of them all, which of course are the ones of Peace and Vitality.  As we continue to foment these relationships it will be necessary for us to form a Board of Directors for the growth we are experiencing.

Arete' Everyone

Any entity or group interested in a purposeful discussion regarding the next franchise opportunity, may contact us at