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Pleasant Greetings to each of you visiting, you will find here further information regarding some of the most commonly asked questions.

For the sake of space we are providing only somewhat detailed material. For more specific knowledge pertaining to certain subjects one may find a plethora of published documents and articles we have made available since the year 1995 on our webpages, or through our monthly recurring Nous Letters.


We do not offer phone service at this time. We offer a Pre Ordering option online with a 24 hour notice.

Our purpose is not for rapidity, or expedience of revenue, but pursuit of perfection and the well deserved quality of humanly interactions for those directly in our presence and right before us. 


Most certainly. However, not the salt or, only the sodium chloride bottled up for mass consumption by chemical companies which many still think is table salt. A better term would be Salts, in which we utilize.

"You are the Salt of the Earth" - The Book Of Matthew - Article 5 Verse 13

It would be next to impossible for any writer to put into words the absolute crucial necessity of cellular salts for all biological function and growth, however, I will do my best here in this short message while imploring the readers to delve deeply into this subject.

Sodium should be the Second most Dominate mineral inside the human cell a vast majority of the time behind the Queen of Minerals Potassium, so would imply any reasonable reference regarding Proper Cellular Function. This is extremely basic Biology that many "experts" have not grasped as yet.

Sodium is not the cause of high blood pressure either, but low potassium could equate to this, because when our potassium levels drop, our sodium levels rise.  There is a reason that potassium is purple in color and representative of our purple colored crown chakra.

"The alchemist declared that salt was the first created substance produced by the fire (Schamayim) which flowed out of god. In salt All Creation is concentrated; in salt are the beginning and end of all things"

The Great Manly Palmer Hall -The Secret Teachings Of All Ages~xxx111 pg. 469

Nowhere, Naturally in Nature are sodium, chloride, and silica found together, only in chemical corporations concoctions that have been packaged and "sold" to you as table salt.

This can only be attributed to greed, ignorance or simply for speed of production because the first two minerals to materialize during the evaporation process when mining for salts are sodium and chloride, two of the most harsh minerals known when not combined with the other over ninety elements we know as trace minerals and cellular salts.

We do not use "Himalayan," "Pink," or Sea Salt either, especially not sea Salt with all the radioactive waste from Fukushima still permeating our oceans.

Much like all words, terms such as Himalayan have also been hijacked and controlled for the sake of "profit" and expediency.

Typically what we notice with most "Himalayan", or Sea Salt, is where simply another mineral or two is added to what was once perhaps decently True Himalayan Elements in which you cannot purchase for $1.99, although we should be able to when greed does not surmount human comprehension and compassion.

There are 12 primary Cellular Salts absolutely crucial for our bodies to function seamlessly and another at least 90 minerals and trace elements replete in the "Salts" we use here.

Below is a passage from a lecture we attended and took notes on in 1998 from one of the Greatest Minds on Health alive today. Read carefully to the end to discover just how imperative salts are.

Dr. Robert Young -The Ph Miracle

Salt has everything to do with our health, even the word itself is indicative of well being and gratitude such as the saying Salute, Salutations, Salvation and even the word Salary traces back to salt. The term salt also translates to soul, or "sol," which is another word for the sun.

What is the first thing paramedics administer to people in emergency situations?  That would be fluids containing a combination of potassium and sodium which they term electrolytes.

What does a human embryo immersed in and also constituted from for 9 months, and even immediately after conception? That also would be salt water.

"The twelve mineral salts are, in a very real sense, the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body and are absolutely essential to their integrity of structure and functional activity.. Experiments prove that the various tissue cells will rapidly disintegrate in the absence of the proper proportion of these salts in the circulating fluid."

Biochemist Dr. Charles W. LittlefieldC

Cellular salts necessitate, or force, good health. Mineral salts are the physical basis of any type of healing and well being.  

Ancient knowledge has taught us that their are four primary elements which develop physical form, although we know the deeper wisdom maintains there is actually five, the fifth being the most elusive element known as the ether, or (spirit), these elements constitute or comprise all, and every form of life, and salt is in fact one of them.

Thus- We Salute You.



We utilize oils because in fact we are made of in part from oils. So much so that some are known to be essential ~ meaning, our bodies cannot produce them therefore they must be derived from our sources of foods.

Sentient beings have perfectly designed oil based cholesterol or phytosterol bodily systems, simply another truth that all the “experts” have yet to grasp. However, we do not fry, excessively heat, use refined or any type of genetically modified phony food products including oils whatsoever.

The oils utilized here are cold pressed avocado, olive, sunflower, algae, coconut, and the most beloved flax, otherwise known as linseed which has been used for thousands of years and is in fact the Highest Known form of the incredibly precious essential Omega 3 oil. The most anti-inflammatory substance known to man in other words~Unrefined Flax Seeds and the Cold Pressed Oil from them.

“As we age, the human body is very low in oil, and hence looks dry and shriveled. Skin, hair, intestinal tract and bones all require their full quota of oil. The fluid of the lymphatic glands (termed lymph), must have sufficient oil. When present, it gives this fluid a beautiful opalescent color”

Dr. George Carey and Inez Perry
The Salts of Salvation
Virgo and Kali Sulph

Might we all remember also what perhaps the greatest poet and seeker of wisdom who’s name has now been remembered for thousands of years wrote on this subject. Three, simple, yet profound words, when comprehended correctly and thoughtfully expounded upon, reveal unending knowledge.

“Poison loathes oil”
~The Odes of Horace


This is very simply because oil is in fact light, and consequently illness, or darkness, what he termed poison, does not resonate with healthy "lit" cells, and as another point of fact will not manifest itself further in the presence of this light, or these light creating oils.

The human cell was intelligently designed to operate perfectly on -25 millivolts of electricity. Electricity is light that is formed from salts. Human beings operate on electrons, not proteins.  When one increases their proteins (acids), they decrease their electrons, (light/alkalinity).

Now, the aforementioned personalities would have those whom blindly trust information simply because where it comes from, such as in their titles, degrees of “education”, which is synonymous with brain washing, or letters behind their names, “believe,” that we get enough oil as they also say, many of them about salt, from our foods, and if we are to take in oil to do so as a whole nut, or seed.

This is incorrect for numerous reasons, however here we will list one simple yet salient point that will dismantle this notion of we get plenty of essential oils from our foods.

For one to receive the magical benefits of essential fatty acids or oils, they would first have to be ingesting the right foods as the vast majority of food is not replete with any nutrients, much less the oils from the Omega 3, 6, and 9’s, and secondly, it is well known that nuts and seeds that posses this precious oil are exactly very difficult for the bacterium in our digestive system to utilize when they are whole, particularly when ingested by not the healthiest of people.

It is very evident that the vast majority of our populace does not have the internal constitution to properly extract this form of such complex energy due to the use of petrol chemical drugs wrongly known as medicine, stress, anti-biotics (against life), abhorrent vaccines, and genetically modified food like substances etc, which all wreak havoc on the natural physiology, or bodily systems of those whom partook to this way of life.

This is before we even mention the fact that most people including myself, tend to eat nuts and seeds very rapidly, which is very problematic for anyone including those whom are very healthy.  Again, nuts and seeds are highly complex foods which must be basically ground down to extract the "juice" before being swallowed,  just like garlic.

However, when thoughtfully and correctly simplified into an oil form, the body of those not as constitutionally sound will be far more apt to accept this nourishment. Seeds can also be germinated before ingestion, which will prove most beneficial as this begins the process of digestion for those with weaker internals.

This would simply be the starting point with anyone whom would repeat the no oil meme going about as I have written at length about this topic in much greater scientific detail.

Remember also how Oils were written about continuously by every genius from Hippocrates to Paracelsus in every time period, and that throughout antiquity ancient peoples referred to olive and many other oils as, “liquid gold”.

Numerous references pertaining to oil also are replete throughout the largest of religious literary works such as the Q’uran, The Bibles and the Bhagavad Va Gita. Consider for instance just how many times the ever powerful Cannabis Oil is mentioned in these particular spiritual texts, where each profound passage is precisely illuminating.

For those aspirants seeking more intelligence regarding oils, and how they necessitate, or, force health, our advice would be to start completely comprehending, even to the point of being able to draw out the irrefutable chemistry of what the numbers associated with Omega oils as in the 3-6-9- actually mean.

The Genius Nikola Tesla also wrote extensively on these three numbers. He correctly demonstrated in numerous works that if one looks to understand the secrets of the human body which is an exact replica of the of the universe above, they will investigate the significance of these all powerful numerals because he knew also, that which is above, is also below.

To continue to regurgitate this message of oil and salt abstinence is unmindful and careless which will also obstruct, and prove deleterious to those truly seeking vitality, simply because we are able to repeat words does not mean we know them to be true.

Arete' Everyone



We have been personally writing about the dangers of ingesting soy through inhalation from candles or otherwise since the year 2000 and now there are numerous others whom have seen the light and are expounding upon it as well.

This is a very important topic of course as many people seem to gravitate towards this seemingly innocuous manufactured, and vastly modified substance either as being a vegetarian, or returning back to one, which is certainly our truest of natures.

Listed will only be a few of the largest issues associated with this so called food product, for more detailed information one could look to our more specific detailed articles depicting and explaining Soy's molecular structure and why this is so telling.

For one, soy is one of the most genetically modified products on Mother Earth as will be those that choose to ingest it. They also will in fact become genetically altered, albeit not for the better either as the laboratory food companies often boast with absolutely infantile claims, and without of course any thoughtful substantiation or reasoning.

Soy is a few chemical reactions away from that of pure plastic, this is why they use it to make plastic furniture. Soy is a waste product ignorantly marketed to the consumer as somehow being healthy which is so obviously false unless you are on a mountain top in Japan ingesting unadulterated Tempe'.

Another Truth about soy is that it's molecular structure looks identical to estrogen. Estrogen is a stress hormone which when is not balanced, or even natural, as in the case of soy, will in fact cause weight gain, inflammation, the retention of bodily fluids, and an overall obstruction to life force energy etc..

Soy is regarded as those whom know as an estrogen mimicking compound that will wreak havoc on our endocrine systems~Thus when ingested, what was once our masculine boys and men will evidently turn more feminine, and develop breast along the way.

Lastly a point that ought to be a great concern to anyone reading this information is that soy is also known to contain high levels of one of the most pernicious health destroying elements on the planet, Fluoride or, Hydrofluosilicic Acids.

We could ask ourselves why this highly toxic waste product from the Aluminum industry has been intentionally added to our public water supply, and composes in many cases over 50% of the chemical make up of pharmaceutical drugs and in toothpaste since the 1940's.

And the it's good for our teeth regurgitation is a complete fallacy easily recognizable with any true comprehension of the Nature of these elements.

Fluoride = Docility much like Soy.

So some unadulterated organic soy sauce or Liquid Amino's from Bragg's would not cause concern, but to specifically seek out soy patties, tofu, ice cream or milk will prove to the consumer to be highly problematic.


Yes over half of our menu is Gluten free. We offer everything from raw plates to rice, oat, and several other non genetically modified multi flours such as millet, amaranth and yam.

Oats are not gluten free by the way as they contain Gliadin which is a component of gluten, this is what causes and Provides Strength, or support for the cereals to rise.

Here we will list a few very large misconceptions regarding Gluten.

In a sentence beginning way down the line, Gluten is not the problem as most people have been incorrectly misled think. It is what encapsulates, or surrounds the wheat, oat, or flour product that is the issue, which in almost every instance unless carefully selected such as a sprouted wheat etc, is going to have been Genetically Modified by the most corrupted of all consciousness.

These flours that resemble foods will contain highly toxic poisons brought to the human family by yet another chemical company masquerading as food, and this scourge to all of mankind and our possibility for future generations is Glyphosate.

This is not Natural.

The "Scientific" Revolution from around year 1643 = The beginning of man made "science" claims Nature had to be "bound into service" and "made a slave."  "She was to be put into constraint", and the "aim of the "scientist" was to "torture natures secrets from her."

~Francis Bacon (The Turning Point)

Let it also be also widely known the new stated mission of "Science" presently--"To obtain knowledge that can be used to dominate and control nature."

How lovely.

Glyphosate, is admittedly, by its unwise proponents and chemical regime manufacturer's, designed to explode the stomachs of the "bacteria" that ingests it.  Glyphosate's, are even spliced into the plants Natural DNA, again, how lovely.

Guess who are the highest form of bacterium? That would be the human family.

"Instead of calling our selves human beings we ought to call ourselves bacteria beings because that's what we really are"

Our Friend~Andreas Moritz

Glyphosate's are also the primary ingredient in round up, which is marketed to the unaware masses to remediate weeds, even though vinegar and lemon juice will produce the exact same results for pennies next to these costly horrendous chemicals.

Of course this would make perfect sense and explain for us all the digestive issues that many are plagued with these days .

There is but One Dis-Ease and it is called acid, or over acidification of our intersticial (between cells), bodily fluids. Alkalinity is the answer, or cleaning out our lymphatic, (sewage) systems.

Another prospective would be if one somehow thinks that replacing a fine heirloom, sprouted, or even non genetically modified wheat product with one made of starch better known as rice, might choose to delve a bit more into the subject.

As good as some rice can be on one level, starch is a chemical and not near as Natural as what wheat once was. There are profound reasons why unadulterated wheat from non-toxic fields, the few that are left, is in color Gold, because on one level it is just that.

I will suggest here reading Dr. Rudolf Steiner's sentiments on wheat to discover what you do not yet know, and just how powerful some wheat could be, especially the gluten portion of this type of dietary.



We hear this quite a bit and actually you are not sugar free. Sugars are part of the predominant foundations imbedded in our DNA, and as another point of truth it is actually polysaccharides (many sugars) that compose the outer structures of your double helix.

DNA has been shortened from the word Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Ribo in the center of this term is the root of the word Ribose, which again is sugar.

"Two kinds of substances are required in the process of tissue building, and both are found in the blood. Namely the organic and inorganic constituents.

Among the former organic constituents are the sugar, fat, and albuminous substances of the blood, Serving as the physical basis of tissue.."

The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Dr. Schussler~ Pg. 17

Notice that sugar was listed first.

It is also of course carbon, (sugar) which is required, not preferred, to the acquisition of three primary energy factors and storage systems of each of your over 80 trillion cells ATP, AMP, and ADP.  Adenosine Triphosphate, Monophosphate, and Diphosphate. These storehouses of energy are necessary for water attraction to unfold proteins to which you are also in part.

Carbon, (sugars), are the base or neutral side of chemistry. which is the side all healthy people reside. Carbohydrates are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen which you are also in part made from.

This being stated we only utilize two Natural forms of sugar in which there are only 3. Fructose (fruit sugar), Glucose (vegetable sugar), and Galactose (mothers milk), which certainly we do not use here however this is the most wise of all for infants with a healthy mother.

Our sugars are from the most powerful forms of foods on the face of the whole earth, Non Genetically Modified dates, the incredibly powerful fruit of the mighty maple tree known as maple syrups, coconut sugar, some agave's and even the least of processed brown cane sugars.



Once this single question and it's incalculable number of lessons are understood or at least sought after by those posing it is when we will begin to see true change in the health of Mother Earth and all of her sentient inhabitants.

The human organism does not operate nor is it built with what is now mistakenly thought to be protein. And the protein (acids), we do seek only come from the most wise of sources.  We are built and sustain health with an abundance of electrons, not protons. When we raise our protons (acids) our electrons decrease and we therefore become acidic (unhealthy).

This will be a very short message regarding this simple, yet gigantic subject which contains even more enormous implications and would consequently take one to all other subjects the deeper the contemplation.

The highest form of protein would actually be the air we breath as it is saturated with nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen..

Remember that in Hebrew the word for Eden is vapor, as in the Garden of Eden, so the air we breath is exactly paramount to our well beings.

These complex forms of amino acids are in everything and what the masses feel is protein is in fact not.  Protein translates from the Greek as simply - Primary Particle, which has nothing to do with what most of society thinks is usable protein because like most all, even the most basic of terms, people have let words be defined for them by a society in which they themselves do not even know or worse, part of the systematic dumbing down of our populace through ignorance or otherwise.

Below is a very telling definition straight out of my 1974 dictionary explaining to those seeking exactly what protein is. We have much older dictionaries implying deeper truths with much less alteration and the even flat out removal of terms and words in the newer dictionaries we see now, however this is a solid beginning for any student.

Within this image there is tremendously miraculous information. One would only need to read with the intention of truly understanding, and to properly themselves define the terms italicized for this realization.

Synthesizing far supersedes assimilation in this and every other instance.

When one is able to clearly comprehend even what this book is implying it will once again prove the superior powers ascribed to The Plant Kingdom.

Complex amino acids play a part to be sure in our make up however a very small part, When we are first born it is known we are only about 1% of proteins. Remember this is when we are also known to be the most healthy of all and the most aware. This is a very prescient indicator to myself as to the entire subject.

So perhaps a better question would be since everything we do in our lives is acidifying, maybe to ask what foods contain the most electrons or is the most alkaline with the proper usable forms of amino acids.

Which would include everything living with the least amount of manufactured heating of the food material. When we cook any food it becomes quickly denatured and loses nutrients especially oxygen. this is why the kitchens smell so pleasant because all the oxygen from the foods is now in the air. The minerals actually become bound together when heated in which then our bodies must break back down if possible so as to not leave an abundance of cellular waste which is the harbinger of all health issues. The more oxygen the food contains the better our bacterium is able to digest and turn this feeding to fuel.

Knowing this one will need to choose to feed themselves for taste or for superior function which again would be raw living foods, with berries, fruits, and melons being at the exact zenith of the food chain.

Human beings are frugivores first, not herbovirores as many incorrectly believe.

"Belief" is most always the death of reason, knowing is greatly different and far separated.


The classes consist of perhaps alternative information to some that will most certainly not be broadcast in the mainstream and for numerous reasons.

Below is a depiction of the topics discussed at several of the gatherings.

The primary message of the next meeting.

~How to remain Alkaline in times of such Acidity and Universal Deceit.

We will present very useful information regarding this subject line through a slide presentation geared towards not only specifically outlining the numerous problems but even greater showing well proven ways to their solutions.

This presentation will be the first of a series possibly hosted at Hara's Hacienda in Pinehurst or another peaceful location to be chosen soon.



Respectfully, we have been involved in this type of personalized work and have done so very privately since 1995.   There has been thus far nothing more gratifying in many regards than knowing we as individuals are fulfilling to our upmost potential our true callings in this life, and when the relentless dedication to our craft's effects result in the betterment of health and happiness of others, is the greatest of all rewards.

We have thus far made available a tremendous amount of what should be common knowledge of self and truly vivifying information once applied, and although it is scattered throughout many different platforms, with enough determination those seeking our position on the most consequential matters of our time can be found.

There is a voluminous amount of somewhat detailed information even on this webpage that when read carefully, and perhaps with an open heart and mind, has the ability to impart prescient and the most absolute useful of information to anyone seeking guidance.

Perhaps those seeking our counsel could begin here, and when more thoughtful personalized answers are required an arrangement of sorts could be made depending upon the seriousness or purpose of the individual or endeavor.

Anyone whom is actively seeking growth whether it be mentally or for their business purposes ought to be privy to what we see as such simple information, or at least not the intentional obfuscation and convolution of it, but this is in fact just not the case.   Everything, associated with higher knowledge regarding Nutrition, Health, Spirituality, and of course money (fiat currency), has been completely purposefully inverted.

For instance if a company has a workforce would not it be wise to surround those places where these people and ideas gather with growth producing elements such as oxygen?   How many places of "health", "wellness", "detoxification centers", a sales floor or City office space are equipped with anything that is actually healthy?

What is there on their floors, full of now brittle metal like materials and plastic, that imparts Oxygen, Carbon, Hydration, and Sunlight, the elements we are derived from, to those that are expected to perform and prosper upon them?

Each of you are tremendously unique, armed with unlimited potentiality that has been conferred to you by the most high and most magnanimous maker of souls, remember this always.

The time is now to admonish, and in fact laugh at the long planned scripted mendacious program the unsuspecting masses are following and break away with those whom are not Woke of course, but Awakening.

Thank you each for visiting as well as for all the kind messages.



"Furthermore, we know that in every branch of knowledge the wiser a man is, the more exact he is and the better able to teach the causes of things"

Aristotle, on Man in The Universe Metaphysics Book 1



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