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“Real Men Eat Meat”

Or so the now unthoughtful repeated statement goes.

Maybe some of those that have repeated this shallow and foolish assertion will think twice before regurgitating it again after understanding another viewpoint.  If that is even possible for a mind that is this corrupted to espouse or promote something so asinine showing the least bit of respect to the other being spoken to.  This information is not meant to criticize or offend anyone, yet must be written.  Might we all come to a deeper level of understanding as to what many are actually reinforcing through ignorance and engaging in with such an unnecessary, taught habit.


A Dogmatic Religion Based Entirely Upon Violence, The Main Belief System Of Which Is That It Is Morally Justifiable And/Or Necessary To Kill Animals And Eat Their Dead Flesh.  

Is there a more ultimate expression of domination?

These notes when read mindfully as they were meant, may be seen as harsh to some.  The reader must know the effort here is not to criticize anyone whatsoever, only is it written to illuminate an area that is in fact gravely dark.  We will invite the readers to be very mindful of our references and the documentation of true science for that is paramount.  It will prove impossible to intently read this material to the end and not come away with profound insight into some of the deepest, and most obscured information of your life.

This is the taught habit the vast majority of our civilization has, or is engaged in, Carnism.  This is exactly what is being promoted when these four, one syllable words are listlessly strung together, as in real men eat meat.  This is the learned behavior that we have been very sadly misled to by others because they too thought it normal, natural, and necessary.  And these of course would only be the non nefarious reasonings in which there are numerous also.  This is what most think is it not, that flesh food from dead animals is normal, natural, and necessary?  We could write or speak about this subject without end, completely eviscerating these three programmed reasons as to why human beings resort to this truly gruesome practice.  However, here will be only a few points for the reader to consider about each fabricated reason as to why carnism is accepted by the masses.

See humans do as we please, not as we should, or what is right.  Although this certainly will not last much longer and the animal kingdom will in fact have their retribution in this life or the next.  Maybe they will soon switch places with their tormentors as many of the ancient texts describe in great detail.

“Animal killers do not know that in the future the animal will have a body suitable to kill them.  That is the law of nature.”

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Bhagavad Gita

Pg. 580 Text 17

“The Bhagavad Gita can be seen as the main literary support for the great religious civilization of India, the oldest surviving culture in the world.”

~Thomas Merton, Catholic theologian, monk, author

Ms. Melanie Joy,  Mr. Mark Passio and numerous others have done great work that delves deeper than we will go here regarding the psychological aspects of carnism, and will prove to be excellent resources for anyone taking the time to examine this information further.

Again the following information is not intended to ridicule or pass any type of judgement on anyone whatsoever.  I feel most all of humanity is inherently good and want nothing more than to keep it that way.  And many of us, as you will discover upon further research, know that this one subject is the largest of them all, and is in fact the primary cause of humanities innumerable afflictions.  This last statement is reinforced with and through the words of the most enlightened beings from every century, one would just need to do their diligent research to discover this for themselves.

The following thoughts are written humbly and with a somewhat heavy, yet very optimistic heart.

In a Few words Regarding the Necessary Removal of Animal Flesh From the Human Diet and its Impact on Society.

Those coming into the know whom are seeking wisdom pertaining to health and enlightenment might want to continue to read.  My references are a lifetime of study on the human body and a continuous examination of the most intelligent minds of all time.  The following words are written to evoke thought and to perhaps present some sort of meaningful universal retort to the now sadly regurgitated statement, “real men eat meat.”  After seeing or hearing such a crude declaration such as this I feel commanded to respond in kind, yet with unyielding convictions.

At this instance in what we know to be time many are seeking our essential purpose as human beings and are waking to our true origins.  Some are calling it the awakening, those that truly realize where we are, understand it is actually, a re-awakening.  

Some of us are re-membering who we are, where we came from, and of course what we were intelligently created to do.  What we were truly placed here to accomplish.  For many of us this is all that matters as we well realize this is just the beginning of what I feel to be the souls eternal journey.

Who could possibly feel that we were intelligently created to take lives that are not our own to satisfy a very egotistical human sense like taste?  And it does not even taste good when all the sauces, chemicals, spices, and oils are removed, think about it.  And to take these lives of other beings that cannot even defend themselves.  Because this is in fact what one would be doing when we eat meat, taking a life that is most certainly not ours to do so.  It does not matter, in a sense, that most of us are not doing the ghastly butchering or harvesting of the animal itself, as we are still complicit in this learned habit by ingesting the so called foods from them.  Most, I surmise, without any reflection at all as to the beautiful spirit that once was that now rests upon a dinner plate.  Surely I have been exactly guilty of this myself, and feel absolutely ashamed about such ignorant actions.

The “Normal,” “Natural,” and “Necessary,” arguments for the use of animal food by humans have been easily dismantled throughout history and up until present day.  But, as it has been written, when you tell the lie big enough and often enough it becomes the truth.  We will touch upon a few of these erroneous contentions, endeavoring to broaden ones awareness on such crucial subject matter, knowing that none of this learned behavior is normal, necessary, or even in the slightest, natural.

In fact it is antithesis, or the exact opposite, of them all.

“Real men eat meat.”   As sad as this may be, particularly for the animal being consumed, why announce it with such pride, because of course some men do not, and some are in different processes of eliminating it, and some of us in fact despise even thinking about the matter the more conscious we become.  So good for you, are you at least respectful enough to keep it to yourself?

Real men eat meat, does me harm even to continue to write it.

Sadly though, this is a now common statement even amongst those within the perceived truth movement that never seems to be reproached.  And the thoughtful ones doing the reproaching, or dishonoring, of this unnecessary and unethical practice are not being heard.  Yet when we are properly heard, people resonate.

We see those in and moving towards the know whom are also re-awakening to the sharpened point which is, what we eat, is what we become.  And what many of us have long ago concluded is that not only do human beings not need animal flesh for sustenance, but also that carcass crunchers, as the sophists used to speak about the so called lower class, or goyem, are a scourge on humanity, and are a primary cause for most all suffering on this planet.

“For as long as long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower beings, he will never know health or peace.  For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.  Indeed he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” -Pythagoras

So as it may be that real men eat meat, some real men also love and we also read.  Some real men know with absolute certainty that my creator, the one that bore me, is not a meat eater.  So why would I be?  Some real men want to nothing to do with the slaughter of any living creature.  Very interesting to note here that when you remove the letter s from the word slaughter, we get laughter.  Because this is in fact what the animals would be doing if they were not being slain for food.  As all the real men are eating meat, some real men are reading and drinking fresh juice with every vitamin and mineral known to the planet.  And it is through reading the great works of others where we realize that our own dietary intuition is correct, we are not alone, and that we are in fact, in perfect company.

After a lifetime of extreme circumspection regarding all aspects of the human body I would like to share here some basic principles of our awareness on this extremely deep subject.

On the profoundly important matter of  ingesting animal tissue for sustenance.

The real men eat meat thought process that has been programmed into our societies consciousness must be challenged with reason.  Reason such as intuition, empathy, discernment, and even factual intelligence regarding human anatomy.  Of course these are all right brain characteristics which seemingly have all been erased from our entire populace through countless ways.  Here will be simply a few observations regarding human anatomy on a very simple and basic level of understanding.

As humans beings we are not endowed with canine teeth, no matter how many repeating actors tell us so.  Canine teeth are sharp and are known to tear and rip.  Canine teeth are pointed and protrude.  It would do one well to recall the image of an actual say, a tigers canine tooth, a true canine tooth, and then compare it to your own.  Our teeth do though seem perfectly designed for grinding and even chewing, the “incisors,” seemingly for stems.  Nor do these types of ripping teeth appear anywhere near our intestines or digestive systems, which is exactly what would be required for this type of assimilative action to occur if it were natural.


Furthermore the human mouth does not produce hydrochloric acids, nor even have acidic saliva to assimilate, or digest dead animal matter.  The hydrochloric acid should reside in the stomach of the healthy human and it is known to be 20-3o times less in strength than that of a meat eater.  Meat eaters such as lions have acidic saliva and also do not posses the enzyme ptyalin to pre-digest grains, whereas humans certainly do and are the exact opposite in this regard.  (Infants however do not, and do not produce ptyalin to break down grains until their molars become present.)  Human mothers that feed their babies grains before they are of age deal with numerous issues such as colic due to this missing enzyme and most are seemingly unaware of this fact.  Our skin pores and salivary glands also prove to be the opposite of meat eaters and line up precisely with herbivores.

Moving to our hands which seem to be far more useful for picking apples from a tree, pulling berries from a vine, or digging for nuts and seeds than they do for taking life.  Should we not have claws or talons for fingers if we were meant to eat and take life this way?  All making one question the unscrupulous carnivorous feeding as humans.

Another extremely telling point is to know that the human intestines if meant to digest animal tissue would be short and pipeline in their intelligent design, when in fact they are not.  Our intestines are up to 35 feet long and profoundly convoluted which would be antithetical to the efficient processing of food.

“The human intestines are ten times longer than the length of the body,..;  It’s minimum length is 507, it’s maximum length 1194 centimeters (17-35 feet);

Landois, Leonard, and William Stirling.
Textbook of Human Physiology

Blakiston, 1889.

This of course goes against the perfectly designed human body and all the laws of mother nature whom always does everything with precision.  Even the American Dietetic Association notes that, “most of mankind for most of human history has lived on vegetarian or near-vegetarian diets.”

The human body is also designed to be alkaline, yet there is nothing alkaline about dead animal protein, which we seem not to be equipped as humans to be able to rightfully process.  As a point of fact, meat from animal tissue can be almost pure acid.  Remembering here we are not ridiculing or condemming anyone for their eating habits, we are simply sharing well needed observations.  You may remember the information that came about with John Wayne upon his death being found with over forty pounds of undigested animal protein inside him.  How would it be possible to grow as a human being on any level with this type of waste inside them?  The answer is they cannot.

So do real men eat meat?

We want the reader deep in these words to truly benefit from the information that is presented next, for all of our sake.  Because whom we deem, and how we define real men must not be so easily mistaken.  For these people that follow are how some would also define “real men,” whom all, have chosen the exact opposite of the mainstream in their particular eating practices.  Those that come to mind in this instant are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sir Issac Newton, Aristotle, Porphyry, William Shakespeare, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, John F. Kennedy, Voltaire, Leo Tolstoy, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Dali Lama, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin, Mary Shelley, Dr. Linus Pauling, George Bernard Shaw, Johnny Appleseed, Nikola Tesla, Ovid, Napoleon Bonaparte, Susan B. Anthony, Empedocles, Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Corretta Scott King, Buddah, Adolf Hitler, Aldous Huxley, Paul McCartney, Giovanni Pico della Mirandela, Carl Lewis, Virgil, Mike Tyson, Confucius, Bill Pearl, Thomas Edison, The Historical Jesus Christ, Oliver Stone, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Vincent Van Gogh, and Ramanujan, perhaps the greatest mathematician of his time along with Seneca whom was the tutor of the Roman Emperor Nero, etc, etc, etc.

All known vegetarians or whom we would now term vegans.  All of these names were associated with this enlightening way of life, some were at different stages of the process and some were known to never know it any other way.

Do you feel they might have known something?

Any reasonable person would be unable to deny the intelligence levels of  many of those chronicled above.  At the least everyone would agree that these people had access and were privy to some of the greatest wisdom of the universe.  Knowing this, would not any rational person seeking knowledge not want to discover what they had?  The depth of wisdom obtained by the historical figures listed would certainly be immeasurable by all accounts.  When these types of personalities are drawn and subscribe to certain practices or subjects, clearly indicates to myself of our need as a collective to take note of.  To ask of ourselves why were they so resolute in this principle about such a seemingly “natural” behavior.  Especially since it is far from “natural,” no matter how accepted the raising of animals for slaughter has become.  Nor is this “barbaric habit” as Nikola Tesla wrote, “necessary” or “normal,”  as one will find upon further detailed inspection.

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men" ~Leonardo Da Vinci

Many of the sophists and wise ones of the past were known to encourage and even plead with the power structures of their time, such as the so called kings and queens, to only harvest what is essential to the human body such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, salts, spices, etc.  Their profound reasonings are astounding as well as voluminous and ought not be taken lightly.  Only a few will be mentioned here.  They knew there would be far less land required to farm which feed the people.  They rightly understood the growing of vegetables and fruits required far less land than grazing livestock and an even lesser toil on the men and their families themselves.  They also knew that there would be far less aggression and dis– ease amongst society through the removal of acids and waste products that each coincide with the ingestion of dead animal tissue.  Each knew that the entire state of the world would improve immediately, the less animal consumption.  They all were highly aware that humans were “taught” how to feed themselves and that we were beginning to eat to satisfy a desire for taste as opposed to function.  Eating to please our senses which is self driven, instead of out of necessity.

“There are men and women who are morally of the highest class who yet have been brought up to feed with the hyenas and wolves of life, and have been taught their necessary dietary was the corpse of a slaughtered animal”

C.W. Leadbeater- Freemason

~The Vegetarian Occult Connection

And as everyone surely must realize by now, it is not about us.  It is about them, her, and him.  It is about our children and the society that may or may not follow hereafter.  Upon understanding that sentient beings do not need ingest animal flesh to thrive and the facts that prove quite the opposite should arouse anyones curiosity and concern.  A multitude of great minds have all concluded many similar things such as there will continue to be constant terrible wars, and that there will never be peace and harmony unless and until eating meat from animals becomes obsolete from the human, and even canine diet.

As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields”
~Leo Tolstoy


These conclusions however awful might not even be the worst if that is even imaginable.  The logical reasonings to remove flesh food from the diet are indisputably sound and incredibly important.  As the Buddah was known to teach, “the eating of meat extinguishes the seed of great compassion.”   He knew as well as we do that the altruistic energy, or selflessness nature that animals display will disappear entirely from our own realities, and that this magnificent energy that we are all part of, will die along with them.  As the Earth will become an even more vicious place to live.  Of course to some of us it makes absolutely no sense at all to take the life of anything, much less that which we should be striving to emulate, as even human beings.

The sharpened point would be if the greatest most illuminated minds of all time gravitated towards a practice or discipline, should we not be also?  Some of the best advice that has ever been shared is to work to understand others point of view with whom you might feel you could never agree with.  To cease in surrounding ourselves with others whom only agree with us.

To know what you are now reading is only a superficial look with only a few details described, and that this subject runs far deeper than anyone can possibly fathom, should we at least not be humble enough to respect what others have thought?  Especially knowing the level of awareness that those chronicled above have attained.  What must be understood here is that human health will improve simultaneously when animal tissue is removed from the diet yet it must be done with caution and by utilizing accurate information.  This is, in a sense, a warning to those seeking to make this type of change.  Removing animal matter from the diet must be done with correct information and slowly.  Slowly enough for the body to adapt exactly like it always will when the proper nutrients and sunlight are reintroduced.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet” ~Albert Einstein

Remembering now that none of this mayhem which involves the slaughtering of animals for food is necessary, or in the least bit normal, and is the furthest from natural, so then why do we continue to do it?  First before all else our society must awaken to the problem, they must then realize it is absolutely not necessary as they were “taught.”  Knowing that it has been proven beyond question that the human organism does not require the meat from dead animals for life should at least lead even the most polluted of minds to question why we do it, and who benefits from the continuation of it, because it certainly is not the meat eater, particularly in matters of health.  Not only are the most enlightened people on the planet now and throughout history vegetarians, but so too were the strongest and most wise of tribes.

The Spartans, arguably the greatest and strongest force the world has ever seen, fed upon vegetables.  They were well known to the historians of the time to be only vegetarians and this was common knowledge amongst the people.  Also there were the Greek athletes that trained for the Olympian games, they had a very simple diet of figs, nuts, seeds, and corn.  Then of course the Roman gladiators, known to be some of the most powerful and virile men on the planet, and their diet consisted of mainly rye grain breads, oils, vegetables, and honey.

These are but a few examples, this is even proven in the animal kingdom as the herbivores are far stronger than the meat eaters. Think of all the real work that is done by animals.  The oxen, the horse, the camel, the elephant, all plant and grass feeders.  Now think of the tiger, the jaguar, or the lion.  What do they do?  No work at all, just lying in wait and consuming.  How about the gorilla, 7-10 times stronger than that of the average man and consumes berries and leaves.

The carnivore is not the strongest in the world mentally or physically, they just think they are because that is what they were told and sold.

The most maddening part of this subject has been left out of this message.  To even put thoughts to paper regarding the unfathomable and horrific conditions these animals are subjected to throughout their entire lives up until their murder, let us call it what it is, causes my hand to shake.  And to know further that it is all unnecessary, is enough to drive any sane person entirely mad when enough thought is given.  Do not be fooled by the promulgated terms by industry such as humanely killed, or kosher either, which is undoubtably some of the worst of it.  Because humane and killed do not go together, they are direct opposites.  This is Orwellian Double Speak.  Humane means, or translates to kind, and killed, well that means death.  Kind death?  What are these people talking about that repeat this, do they even know?  Ignorance in its most pure form through repetitive words and phrases.

Are we going to continue on with this to where every living creature will run at the sight of man?  Just eat everything, and continue to do so out of ignorance?

To put some of the numbers of lives extinguished into perspective, is absolutely astonishing when thought about.  In 2011 in the United States alone over 10 billion land animals were slaughtered for their flesh.  When aquatic animals are added to this context, which was 55 billion, it brings the total to over  65 billion and double that Worldwide at over 150 billion animals slain for meat.  Perhaps the most staggering realization is that this is over 21 times the entire human population on the entire planet.  Remember this is in one year alone.

See humans are sadly the most savage beasts of all, it is not the lion tiger or bear, it is us.  Just because carniverous feeding as humans seems to be all the masses have ever known and that this immorality has been going on for possibly hundreds, if not thousands of years does not make it right or “normal.”  The carnivore is not the strongest in the world physically and most certainly not mentally, so why continue on with this unnecessary evil?  And of course if it is unnecessary and destroys life, then it is a crime.

“Men fed upon carnage and drinking strong drinks, have all impoisoned and acrid blood which drives them mad in hundreds of different ways”~Voltaire 

We are all in our own evolutionary process of re-awakening.  We are, for those paying close enough attention remembering who we are and precisely what we were placed here to do.  The feeling of this process would be infinitely impossible to describe because it must be felt.  And what I know with absolute certainty is that one must nutrify themselves in the right manners, which has nothing to do with the ingestion of dead animal matter, to ever experience it.

This is a call to every logically thinking person on this planet to slow down enough to examine the great minds of our past, because it is within those discoveries that we will find our future that is presently coming to pass, for better or for worse.  Upon deeply investigating great wisdom does not only show us who they were, it will also show you who you are.

A few final words by others that ought to be considered.

“It is a vulgar error to regard meat in any form as necessary to life.  All that is necessary to the human body can be supplied by the vegetable kingdom.  The vegetarian can extract from his food all the principles necessary for the growth and support of the body,  as well as for the production of heat and force.  It must be admitted as fact beyond all question that some persons are stronger and more healthy that live on this food.  I know how much of the  prevailing meat diet is not meerly a wasteful extravagance but a source of serious evil to the consumer.” ~Sir Henry Thompson F.R.C.S.


“Animal diet is not essential to man”

~Dr. William S. Playfair

I should like to see a vegetarian and fruit living plan put into general use and I believe it will be”

~Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson. M.D.,Royal Fellow Society


“It is easily possible to sustain life on the products of the vegetable kingdom and needs no demonstration for physiologist.  Even if the majority of the human race were not constantly engaged in demonstrating it.  And my research has shown, not only that it is possible, but that it is infinitely preferable in every way, and produces superior powers both of mind and body”

~Dr. Alexander Haig F.P, C.P.


Thank you for reading with an open and thoughtful mind.