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Why Raw Foods



By: Kyle R. Jesssop


On Why Raw Plant Based, Frugivorous, and Vegetarian Dietaries Are Vastly Superior To All Others Excluding One Of A Breatherian’s In Perfect Atmospheric Conditions

Why Raw Foods?

Human beings are the only species of life that obtains foods in its most natural forms and then cooks the nutrients which are the growth factors, right out of it.  What smells so good during the cooking process is actually the oxygen our bodies need, burning up.

This over cooking is a learned behavior that is not natural and it is well past the time that more become aware. We seem also to be the only undisturbed species as Mr. Clement exclaims, on this earth that does not eat a raw diet, the only one.

Forced will be the readers eyes to open as mine have been throughout the years of researching the most accurate Nutritional Science data available.

I will write a few words here to first respectfully convey to the readers that in no way at all am I here sitting in judgment of those that have different dietary habits than we do. It is not at all my intention to sound condescending or as if I am pontificating in this letter. These are not opinions, but necessary revelations, certain truths that ought constantly be pursued and then communicated for those that yearn to know.

It is imperative that the interested readers investigate the material within this message and when doing so know that a superficial look at the material will produce only superficial findings. Great information on every subject is obscured and omitted from the mainstream of information. Deeper thought or, circumspection, must go into the details while researching what is being shared here for true comprehension of the material, and we welcome any and all thoughtful commentary that is of relevance.

What is raw food?

First it will be necessary to somewhat properly define the term itself. A standard definition for the term raw is uncooked, so anyone is able to understand that when encouraging others to employ this way of eating might consider to be mindful of how this sounds. Most I surmise do not like the thought of eating uncooked food so we must be mindful of the person receiving the information when spoken about this way. One could follow up when the term raw is used as in not processed, or, food in its more natural state. Live, or electric foods would also be synonymous with raw and would perhaps be accepted more pleasantly.

The term raw could be interpreted as having a negative connotation which would of course further remove us from the objective of having this type of super nutriment resonating with others. Knowing this, it will prove wise when referring to this type of advanced nutrition to expound on the details of the meaning of the word, and relating raw to food material being unaltered. Simply because a minuscule amount of astute researchers fully realize that this type of nutriment affords one the most pristine forms of energy, does not mean it will be right away accepted by the masses when this term raw is so loosely spread about.

So why raw live foods?

First the readers ought to know that there are countless answers to this question. The deeper ones get into very mindful answers that would amount to more than a lifetime of conversations which will connect and create pathways to other magnanimous subjects. Many of these topics will certainly lead minds to one of the greatest and most wise aphorisms of antiquity which is attributed to Socrates, “Know Thyself.” These two elementary words when applied, and the phrase’s true meaning discovered, have the ability to change the course of this world.

One other caveat to mention is that although a raw dietary would prove far superior than all others and will most certainly will be beneficial to everyone, I do not feel this nutrition is best for most people all at once. Next I will endeavor to explain the meaning of this last statement.

It is a fact that human beings have been endowed with a perfectly designed digestive system which extracts necessary energies from foods. Some would call this energy light, electrons, or the amber, even nutrients; this is rapidly becoming a truth of the past though. What many of us now seen being deemed as food is indigestible in the first place and does much harm to the person ingesting it. So not only is the person or animal not receiving essential nutrients from the so called food substances because it is not truly usable forms of energy in the first place, but they are also degenerating their own constitutions with material our bodies are not meant to recognize. Truly recognize. Things called food that our bodies ought not have to fight to hurry up and breakdown to get rid of.

For example, of course artificial molecules, petro-chemical based pharmaceutical drugs, genetically modified organisms, carnivorous feeding, and what is thought to be table salt destroy not only ones tastebuds, but also their digestive systems. For instance, the stomach, upon pouring in substances that are not natural will lose its primary function, which is not to digest food no matter how many tell you so, but to produce sodium bicarbonate. The stomach will also become depleted in hydrochloric acid derived from mineral salts which is absolutely crucial to health.

This is only referring to the stomach itself and its primary function, much more damage is being done where energy should next be released, and that is inside the intestines.

Once theses necessary acids are depleted from the burden of having to work to assimilate artificial ingredients or chemicals, they are never to return unless replaced by the individuals choices for better nutriment. We are not meant to consume artificial anything, from phony ingredients and man made lighting, to the electromagnetic pollution emitting from microwave weaponry and cellular so called progressive technologies.

So when one moves to a raw diet to quickly without applying correct information, even the best foods on the planet become unusable and will make anyone bloated and lethargic. I will be very clear with the next statement. Bloated, and malnourished one will surely be without a properly functioning digestive system. Even with known perfect foods such as dark green leafy vegetables or some raw fruit, because the amino acid profile is so complete and strong, so to must be the person ingesting them to break them down.

We have also experienced that most people even going from a carnivorous diet to a vegetarian one is almost always done incorrectly. Everything from thinning nails and hair, to dry skin and weight gain will typically be normal until essential fatty acids are once again absorbed and most all grains are eliminated.

As more of our populace is now realizing that vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are far superior, they are also discovering that there is an art to the rapid interjection of either.

So why live plant based raw foods?

Well not only is it the most Natural form of feeding, but also for a food material to be of good use to a livings being biological structure, that food must be itself electrical in its own Nature.

For we are electrical beings first, then chemical. Raw plant based foods and some sea vegetables contain live nutrients that are in fact power. They have harnessed the most impressive form of energies known to man which come from the sun. Raw live foods like the leaves of plants and sprouts are those closest to the sun in which all things are derived. The plants, forms of sea vegetables, raw fruit and algae’s seem to provide the absolute highest forms of nutrition which equates directly to our health, or hygeia.

On one level the three most necessary elements required for all life are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.  Knowing this it will prove wise to seek fuel, or foods that contain the most pure amounts of these substances.  What is also noteworthy is that there is another level of thought regarding the incredible benefits of removing all starch based and hard to process vegetables including broccoli and carrots from personal dietaries.  They and numerous others that many deem very healthy are both based in starch and man made.

I take the necessary time to intently research all that I ingest and have come to unyielding conclusions that are irrefutable by any person that is of a sober and rational mind.  Some of the deepest of details can obviously be debated, but not the overall qualities that certain foods posses and the bioavailability of them, this is incontrovertible.

For one is dead as in animal flesh and another alive like sprouts.

(1)“Three-day-old broccoli sprouts consistently contain 20 to 50 times the amount of chemoprotective compounds found in mature broccoli heads and may offer a simple dietary means of chemically reducing cancer risk,” Dr. Paul Talalay reported in a 1997 Johns Hopkins press release.

Animal tissue of any kind and chemicals steal energy from people not give it.

The life enhancing qualities of a few foods outlined next show the staggering benefits of raw live foods, and sadly very common misconceptions as to where usable protein actually truly resides. And this protein, or what most people wrongly assume is protein, is not even contained by comparison in the so called foods they think it is in, and protein is definitely not even close to the most important piece to the superior dietary puzzle. Proteins are acidic in their nature, and proteins are an enormous part of the problems, particularly animal protein. When we are first born we are known to be only 1% protein and are endowed with unlimited awareness so write many very astute researchers.

Notice next in this comparative analysis of a few crucial vitamins and minerals just how superior the plant kingdom is to animal matter. This is leaving out raw fruit, berries, and melons which is also a superlative form of feeding.

The vitamins and minerals included in the comparative information are known to be of absolute importance within the body.

Potassium. Potassium is on one level one of the four most vital properties for all life. The highest concentration of any mineral in a healthy human cell ought to be potassium. Potassium is the alkalizer and has incomparable cleansing properties. Below are the amounts of potassium that is able to be provided by true food material and then chicken.

Chicken may contain 75.5 mg of potassium per 100 calories. Whereas thoughtfully grown dark green lettuce should contain 1,299 mg of potassium per the same 100 calories. 75mg as opposed to 1,299, what a difference. A 178.028% difference to be exact.

Let us now have look at the first vitamin to be discovered again known as vitamin A. Vitamin A has everything to do with our eyes as if that is not enough. Without vitamin A there can be no beta carotene actually.

Chicken may contain about 66.5 International units of vitamin a per 100 calories. Again, simply green lettuce, an incredible 49,613.00 International Units. The difference here no matter how unreal it appears is based in much fact. So the question then becomes if one is seeking vitamin a which of these two would be the most wise choice to ingest?

Another vital mineral for all life would be one of the mothers of all minerals and that is Magnesium. Magnesium is the relaxer. Magnesium is to soft tissue what Calcium and Vitamin C is to our bones.

The inferiority of dead animal tissue in magnesium content is proven over and over again such as with chicken which may contain 8.6 mg of per 100 calories of this vital nutrient, whereas green lettuce should have 87.1 mg of magnesium per 100 calories, a 164% difference this time.

Lastly, a look at Iron and how it compares between the the two. Iron is of upmost importance, not cereals fortified with iron or iron filing residues, but natural iron which is found in in select foods like certain sea vegetables, moringa, and melons.

Iron is so incredibly important because of its extremely unique magnetic properties. All other minerals are attracted to iron. So when we ingest pristine and usable forms of iron through our dietaries we in essence have the potential to accumulate all the other minerals as well. I will ask the reader to next contemplate to whatever level they are able this question; do you feel the substance that confers oxygen to our brain is important since our brains operate on oxygen? Oxygen that is converted to electricity which powers our bodies. Of course the answer is yes and that necessary substance, is iron.

The iron content in chicken is about 0.5 mg. per 100 calories, the iron level in again green lettuce, 6.0 mg. Once again no comparison for one of our master minerals.

These are simply a few comparisons regarding lettuce superiority over animal tissue protein, anyone could investigate further and even get into more astonishing numbers in which sprouts, algae’s, raw fruit, or moringa, and numerous others are able to provide.

In conclusion, it will prove extremely edifying to anyone no matter what current level of nutritional prowess they posses to delve further into some of the specifics outlined in this message. Do not be misled by talking points in shallow searches, mainstream books, or foolish headlines written by industry and associations that think of only money.

The diets that people feel are healthy such as the Atkins, Paleo, Ketogenic, Blood type, Ketosis, all of them, are starting from wrong. So the deeper one gets into the practice will end up worse, not better, and becoming leaner from these diets does not mean healthier.

Does anyone truly feel we, the supposed most intelligent life form known, once lived in caves and were cave dwellers as the cattle associations that fund and promulgate the paleo diet would have you believe?

Why raw foods? Because raw live foods are frequency foods and natural. Foods in their natural state provide information to our cellular structures. Raw foods are replete with oxygen and carbon which our bodies cannot operate without. This unadulterated food gives energy as opposed to stealing it from us, and much, much more.

Remember we are the only species on the planet that cooks and denatures our choices for food and drinks the milk of another animal. This does not make us the higher life form it appears to me.

Lastly I will leave the readers with a thought that is not coming from hubris but yet a few words written with tremendous confidence gained through ongoing experiences and actually much humility. There are not many on this earth as of now that go into the depths of proper nutritional sciences that I do. I can write this with the upmost certainty as there are only a handful alive today, and another handful or two throughout each century. What I am able to convey to anyone willing to learn is information that will forever change the course of your life, and if I and a few others are right, the next life as well.

It begins with knowing, and knowing is based in Nutrition.