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Thank each of you for your interest in our purpose and visitation to our site. 

For all media inquiries including possible speaking engagements, interviews, documentary film or podcast participation kindly contact

As we receive numerous messages and must filter accordingly we emphasize the inquirer to be as detailed and concise as possible in their context and meaning. 

Many of you deserve much respect and commendation for taking these actions as you are in fact replacing the bought and paid for Disciples of fear and tyranny also known as the disgraceful television mainstream media.

"I came to the conclusion that all existing states are terribly governed and the conditions of their laws practically incurable without the application of drastic remedies and help of fortune...and that the ills of The Human Race will Never Disappear until by God's gift those who are Sincere and True lovers of of Wisdom attain political power, or the Rulers of Our Cities learn True Philosophy".

Plato (427-347)

Plato's Republic Book IV


It is through Your unique and individual efforts being added to the collective unfoldment of consciousness that will in fact further develop the magnanimous world most of us prefer to live in.

Thank You.