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What Hippocrates Knew And We Have Forgotten

By: Kyle R. Jessop

To the astute and knowledge seeking reader; this will be some of the deepest information you will ever know about Hippocrates, the one known as The Father Of Western Medicine.

Everything you want to know about now has already occurred.

The thoughtful words, What Hippocrates Knew and We Have Forgotten is the title of a truly excellent lecture presented by Mr. John Patrick, MD, out of the University Of Wisconsin.  Mr. Patrick posits invaluable knowledge within the effort regarding our sordid history which is rapidly defining our future, for better or for worse.

Article by Jessop


Gregorian Time


Hippocrates and Greece

Hippocrates 460 BC from the island of Kos is known as the Father of Western Medicine.

To put Into words the the enormity of this title conferred upon him by the learned of Greece, one would have to comprehend at least some genuine information about Greece herself.

It is very evident that before the proliferation of Rome, there was Greece.  It appears many of the wondrous achievements and discoveries attributed to the Roman Empire, first were known to Greece.  This is important to note because it is vital for those seeking knowledge to get closer to the source before things are manipulated.

A thorough study of Greece could take one many lifetimes, however, there are a few specific details about this society that are very intriguing and were not to cumbersome to discover.

Greece and her people seemed to be extremely advanced in their thought processes and highly  informed.  One example is that many of their temples of healing, or The Per-neter, were built upon lay lines atop Mother Earth.  This apparently was intentional to foment human energies to the native electro-magnetic frequencies being emitted from the Earth herself.

They were grounding themselves, just as the wise are today.

The question then becomes how did these people know that humans are electrical in the first place without “modern” tools and devices?  What I have further discovered to be perhaps part of this answer was written by Hippocrates thousands of years ago.


“A physician without a knowledge of the stars has no right to call himself a physician” ~Hippocrates

Not only were the places of healing and learning created upon lay lines in the earth, they were also strategically aligned with the stars.  Again without any modern telescopes, equipment, or computers besides the ones in their heads.

For those that think the constellations of stars are not significant or controlling our current lives might want to revisit the subject.  It does not matter if you believe it or not, those controlling this planet and the rest of them as well it seems, certainly do.


This would of course have to have been a highly advanced society, one with superior awareness about the physical reality they were present in.

As this type of knowledge regarding the necessity that life forms be grounded to the earth comes more to fruition in the main stream of information, we are beginning to see the intelligentsia, which is a minute fraction of our current world, starting to incorporate magnets into the foundations of buildings and places of peace.

Hippocrates Institute in Florida is one of them.  I will write a few words about this Institution that is doing the Beautiful Practice of keeping this name Hippocrates and  Hippocratic principles alive.  There has only been one other person on this planet that I have ever read, or heard speak about the clothing we wear, and the scourge that is polyester type garments, and Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Institute is him.  We have warned about polyester clothing since sometime in the mid 1990’s.  I know this exactly because we have printed information regarding the first elimination lists I ever wrote to clients dating as such.  If people even close to knew what polyesters garments are made of, they would never even touch them, much less wear.

The other profoundly interesting aspect of the land known as Greece, is that out of Greece herself have come the most tremendous of names, and one of them is Hippocrates.

Hippocrates whom embodies the nomenclatures of Natural Medicine, Healer, and Teacher.

What exactly is it that enables or causes a namesake to endure for thousands of years?

What do these exalted expressions of life we know as people have inside themselves that others find it so necessary to keep their name eternally alive?

There is some debate as to whether or not Hippocrates was one person, or was more of a culmination of research by like minded people such as Pythagoras.  The writings whether by students of the school, or by Hippocrates himself, have left us incredible knowledge regarding the most important of all subjects.

Hippocrates is known by some researchers to have adored the treasured virtue of trustworthiness.  He taught about the human body and condition from an elemental starting position of this trust.  He is less known for only agreeing to share and teach his knowledge to those he deemed moral and just.

Hippocrates evidently only aspired to impart crucial knowledge to others that feared and respected some form of judgement in the hereafter.

This of course makes perfect sense the more humane we become.  How many today will choose to place their precious health, and in many cases their lives in the hands of an entity or person, that does not feel there are eternal consequences for their actions?

Hippocrates realized that the student will also perform much more honorably when fearing repercussions from a greater power, and that these pupils are a direct representation of their teachers.  The primary commitment of being a physician should be a moral one is what Hippocrates wanted, as well as Plato it appears.

This brings us the Hippocratic Oath.

The Oath, was once intended by its creator Hippocrates to be an eternal allegiance to a greater Authority.  A perpetual promise to a higher power other than ourselves by anyone seeking to be a Physician, which were all of course at that time Natural in their methods by the way.

An Oath that now seems to be continually altered, which does not at all anymore represent what he had so long ago intended.

Words and contentions that are being removed and changed either through misinterpretations of the original messages, or translation inaccuracies, done purposely or otherwise, the results are the same.


12th Century Grecian Manuscript of Hippocratic Oath

The cross there represents many thought provoking things, such as volumes of books that would fill many libraries have been written about this symbol.

This is our Galactic Cross, the architecture of our creation, architecture of the sun.

Our lives have been forever dominated by this symbol where a crucifixion is occurring, however not the one most people think of, remembering this is B.C.  This is the crucifixion of the sun that must occur or we do not have our seasons, or night and day.  These are the Equinox and Solstice lines that form a cross and in the middle, or heart; is the sun.

Hippocrates knew this also.


The original Hippocratic oath was translated from the Greek.  I surmise many of the interpreters of these covenants were not Greek.  So a high level of skill and comprehension would be necessary to re-produce the writers thoughtful purpose, and this is before speculating on any type of deceptive intentions.

Some of the original forms of the Hippocratic Oath teach us many excellent qualities to posses or strive for such as morality.  The Hippocratic Oath is still recited today as far as I know it, however, it appears evidently altered to coincide with mainstream established positions.

For instance, many parts of this once empowering doctrine have been removed, and or replaced with terms and phrases that were not once there, or even close to his words in many that I have personally taking the moments to intently read.

Again, even if these alterations are being made out of misinterpretations, in which many of them surely cannot be, the deleterious effects are the same.  One specific example of this manipulation of the original Oath is that which does not anymore appear in even the first sentence.

More original forms of the document imply the first sentence to be as follows~”I Swear by Apollo, Asclepius, and by all the gods that I will keep this Oath.”  This certainly seems to be as close the most original version as we have yet found.

This initial thought dates back thousands of years prior to today estimated 360-470 BC.

No matter what any one of us feel about the entities he is swearing to, or rather even if they are real or not, the larger more ambiguously important point is this;  He appears to have been pledging his eternal allegiance to a higher power or spirit, if you please, to something far greater than himself, or even mankind.

Why is this important for the human family to quickly take notice of?

As few know it;  this is because he simply and correctly thought, that anyone like himself that anticipates some form of judgment for our actions in this life, will not only make the best physicians and healers, but also people.  He knew this would demand virtuous behavior of himself, and that of his students.

The newer more updated oaths I read mention nothing of any higher power or authority, or even godlike symbol.  They actually imply to many deeply looking that it is the organization, or even the man or woman being indoctrinated, that harness this type of power.

One closer replication of the original implies the following~ “I swear to fulfill to the best of my ability and judgement, this covenant.”

At first glance this seems commendable.  Until we realize that they are not swearing to anything or anybody, simply swearing.  The omission of even one word changes forever the entire promise, the whole thing.

There are several other inconsistencies throughout the once highly revered Oath that would fill many books, this was plainly the first few words of the first sentence.  This is occurring throughout every last bit of treasured literature from The Bible, to the book of Thoth.

Our history is being rewritten one misinterpreted or wrongly translated word at a time, on every subject.

Anyone should be able to see the ramifications of this.  One would be, to shape and mold a personality or populace into a certain ideology, one that serves the hierarchical established power structures best interest, which has always proven the worse for the vast majority of people in this world.


Nowhere, that we have seen before 1964 did the original oath imply anything about a chemist’s drug and yet here and now can be read, “I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and the warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeons knife or chemist’s drug.”

Again this paragraph conveys a message that can be seen as very caring and thoughtful at first.  Until we think it through a little more and begin to realize that there was no mention of a chemist’s drug in the original document, because at that time there were no drugs other that Nature.  Hippocrates and physicians at that time utilized herbs, sunshine, and primarily dietetic measures to assist people in bettering their health.

Also in the newer passage is noticed the phrase “the warmth, sympathy, and understanding,”  Here there is a small but very significant and telling detail.  Does anyone deep in these words feel like people want sympathy, especially when they are ill?  Seems to me people want to be healthy and full of vitality, and want to know what their physician is going to do about it, not their sympathy.

This progressive changes since 1964 has been linked to Luis Lasagna from Tufts University.  This person evidently went on to become a head of the food and drug administration from the American medical association.

Were these his thoughts, would he himself want sympathy for him or a family member, or would he seek something different?  Very strange way to comprise the covenant, with such meaningless words such as sympathy in this context, if this is in fact one of the newer updated versions.


“Our natures are the physicians of our dis-ease.” ~Hippocrates 460-370 BC

Another glaring omission would be the intentional removal of applying dietetic measures to assist people with ailments, which once was originally in the third paragraph.  Everyone must surely see by now that what we ingest by way of food and drink, makes us who we are, “we are what we eat,” as some remember.

How is the subject of Nutrition not associated with health in the updated versions?

One other blatant change in the articles promise of this once magnificent piece of work is the powers extolled to the physician to extinguish life at their discretion as it implies~”but it will also be within my power to take a life.”  This assertion has many meanings and none that I can determine as being good.  Is not this playing god?  In the case of a very ill patient should not the family decide these matters or the person have a living will?

Hippocrates was known to not perform any type, or conduit to abortion, or assisted suicide.


This behavior he knew dissolved the trust between himself and his respective friends and patients which his foundation was built upon.  Hippocrates taught the Art of Healing coming from a place of morality not technicality.  Suffice it to say, we also need technicians, but the scrupulous ones.

The last point made here and there are numerous more, is that as researchers of this subject know it; The newer altered versions of the Hippocratic creed recited by the medical students of today is done so at the end of the graduation ceremony, not at the beginning as Hippocrates taught.

Hippocrates is known to not even begin his time dedication and teachings to anyone that would not take his schools Oath, and do so before being accepted.  This is important on numerous levels.

To me Hippocrates internal constitution, that which all he was, his Nature, was that of virtue.

The virtuous Nature that dwelt within Hippocrates is also able to dwell within us, and it is precisely this behavior the human family ought to exemplify.  Individuals such as us must lead and strive to the virtuous principles, even at the most inopportune times.


Each and every one of us has enormous energetic powers.  We are immense sources of incredible energies and are electrical first in our Nature, so how could we not have super powers and capabilities.

“The earth and all the bodies we are acquainted with, without exception, are supposed to contain a certain quantity of an exceedingly elastic and subtle fluid which philosophers have agreed to term electric.  The moment any body becomes possessed of more or less than its natural quality, very remarkable effects arise from it.  The body is said to be electrified and is capable of exhibiting appearances which are ascribed to the powers of electricity.” 

~Joseph Priestly~The Secret Life of Plants: Pg. 165~ Plants and Electromagnetism.

Mr. Priestly is primarily known for being the first more modern luminary to discover oxygen.

There are three basic principles we can extrapolate from Hippocrates writings on health, and each one of these three have many different detailed facets that ought be considered.


The three primary components to health are dietary, exercise, and environment.

Dietary comes in many forms, from food material to the people we choose to listen to, exercise opens  up our channels of elimination which rids toxins from the body, and the environments you put yourself in most predominately, will most certainly be your individual Nature.

You are made of “star stuff,” to remember Carl Sagan.

Being dis as stars is not in our True Natures.


And this I know, moreover, that to the human body it makes a great difference whether the bread be fine or coarse; of wheat with or without the hull, whether mixed with much or little water, strongly wrought or scarcely at all, baked or raw — and a multitude of similar differences; and so, in like manner, with the cake (maza); the powers of each, too, are great, and the one nowise like the other. Whoever pays no attention to these things, or, paying attention, does not comprehend them, how can he understand the diseases which befall a man? ~Hippocrates

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